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 10/18/2010 1:47 PM
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Writing game reviews can be fun, and you may be able to earn a little extra pocket change.

How does it work?

  • If you would like to write a review about a game and submit it to, we do NOT guarantee we will publish it.
    We appreciate your submissions, but only the best review we receive about a game will be published. We cannot possibly publish all of them.
  • If we do accept your submission, you give up all rights to the submission and it becomes property of If we do not publish, it is yours to do with as you wish. We do require 1 month for acceptance or rejection of your submission before you sell your review or publish it elsewhere.
  • You can use your real name as your byline, or you can use your gaming name, or a pen name if you prefer.
  • We reserve the right to edit your content, either to make it fit our site, page, column, or to make it more concise.
  • No foul language will be permitted unless it is to describe what is said in the game, i.e. a warning to parents about vulgar or inappropriate language.
  • Your submission should be clear, concise and easy to read.
  • English only please.
  • You MUST register with prior to submitting any material. Your registration must include your real name, and a valid e-mail address to contact you.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to submit a review to
  • You MUST have a PayPal account in order for us to pay you.

Revenue Sharing:

If we accept your submission, it will be posted on one of our review pages, in the appropriate column. Beneath each column you will find Google or other types of advertising. The revenue generated by ads directly below your column will be shared with you for 1 year from the time of posting. At the end of that time, the ads will no doubt lose relevance as new games will take their place and new reviews will replace the old reviews. Your % will be sent to you via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to get paid.

How much you can earn depends upon how popular our site becomes to the public or to members of pFrags. Of course, in the beginning stages of our rollout, fewer visitors means fewer clicks, and that means less or no revenue to you.

You will be paid 6 months after date of posting, and 1 year after date of posting, your % of whatever the amount that has accumulated for the ads directly beneath your column. We are currently offering a 50% revenue share for the ads that appear in YOUR column. This % is subject to change in the future, but not once your ad is posted you are guaranteed whatever the current rate is. Each column will be tracked for ad clicks and you will be paid according to the clicks of the ads in your review column.

You may inadvertently benefit from other reviews on the page because the ads in your column are clicked, even though the reader was reading a different review. Lucky you. This is true for all three review columns. We have no control over which ads are displayed so it's fair for everyone.

What Are We Looking For:

It can be a review of a game, or even a comparison between, for example, COD 4 and BattleField 2 or similar. Reviews are preferred, but it's okay if it's an opinion piece. Do try to stick to the facts. If you have an opinion, back it up.

You can also review game hardware if you like. If you use a great mouse, tell people why they should buy it.

300 words is the bare minimum. You can't cover much in 300 words. The idea is to have the kind of review YOU would want as a gamer to determine if you would want to buy the game. i.e.. is it a resource hog, could you play it on an older machine, how are the graphics? game play? is it balanced? single or multiplayer?, good maps or bad? That type of thing. You know, you're gamers. You know what you want to know, so just put that in writing.

Unless it's truly unreadable, it will be posted. Please spell check and make sure the grammar is recognizable as from this world. If someone comes up with the same game, it may be posted too, but on another page. It won't hurt to have differing opinions on the same game. It may help everyone. The person who gets their review accepted first, and is the best review on one particular game, gets the best placement. i.e.. first page of reviews. Also, the more recent a game, the better the placement. The idea is to attract readers to your reviews. The more readers, the more likely pertinent ads will be displayed, the more likely people will click them. The more money you will make. That's how it works.

We do reserve the right to change the pages, the order, or the presentation of the review pages.
We would only do this with the best interests of everyone in mind, but change is inevitable and necessary. Our best interests are your best interests. We want to get as many people to read your review as possible because it will help our site.

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